Why Fall is the Best Time for Change

Oct 29 2018

By: Jenna Pattison

With November around the corner and winter looming, it’s a good time for mindfulness and reflection. The change of seasons marks the end of a chapter, and time to start anew. In the fall, Mother Nature demonstrates the beauty that can come from change, as the leaves turn enchanting shades of red, orange and gold, and foliage glows in the crisp autumn air. It is absolutely a picturesque and charming time. Eventually, the leaves fall and we’re faced with yet another transition. Snow will soon fall like a white blanket, and temperatures will drop below freezing. Much like winter, change can be daunting, but is necessary and often leads to wonderful things.

There is always something beautiful and special in the next season; the chapters of life are no different. With the hustle and bustle of the warmer months winding down and the colder months approaching, it’s the perfect time to embrace the quiet and focus your awareness inwards. Tune in to your inner voice, and focus on changes you would like to come to light in your life. Mirror nature’s example, and view the white blanket of snow as a metaphor for a blank slate and opportunity for something new, whatever that may be for you.

This season, honor changes that are calling you. Change is beautiful, and clears the path for new growth, so embrace that and take the necessary steps to becoming the best version of yourself.

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