Marketing Team Outing to iRecover Okanagan

Oct 22 2018


Last week, Jim Gray, pilot and CEO, flew the iRecover marketing team from Alberta to visit our treatment center in Lavington, BC. Nestled in the heart of the Okanagan, the serene setting and beauty of this location is undeniable. The descent into the valley offered incredible views of beautiful lakes and rolling hills; the scenic vistas glowed red, yellow and orange. Although beautiful year-round, the Okanagan is particularly breathtaking in the fall. We traveled through charming Vernon to the quaint community of Lavington, home to iRecover Okanagan. The 13-bed facility offers mountain views and provides the ideal setting to reflect and heal in your journey to recovery. The facility is bright and welcoming, with a large, spacious deck and comfortable lounging areas. Our Okanagan staff are just wonderful, and their cheerful demeanors contribute to the positive energy of the space. iRecover Okanagan delivers the same exceptional programming as all iRecover Treatment Centers.

The trip proved to be an excellent bonding experience for the team. Outings allow our team members to get to know each other outside of the office environment and generate genuine team chemistry, which allows us to work cohesively and more effectively. Meaningful relationships and connections are so important to the work we do, and allow us to present our best selves to those we serve. With multiple locations, experiences like these prove opportune in getting to know coworkers at other centers. We have such an amazing team of diverse individuals, and you come to appreciate the strengths of what everyone has to offer. And sometimes, you just need to recharge, and what better place to do so than beautiful British Columbia. Thanks Jim, for the awesome experience!

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