iRecover Alberta Introduces Morning Spin Class

Jun 13 2018

By: Jenna Pattison

iRecover Alberta Introduces Morning Spin Class

A regular exercise routine offers a multitude of benefits to someone in recovery, and should absolutely be implemented into any addictions treatment program. A vigorous sweat session causes the release of the same endorphins as drugs and alcohol, and has been proven to restore the brain’s balance of happiness-inducing chemicals, such as dopamine, disrupted by drug and alcohol abuse. The feeling of euphoria produced offers a natural high to replace artificial ones, making it easier for someone in recovery to cope with daily life. Exercise also leads to a sense of accomplishment, improved physical and mental health, and increased confidence in staying clean and sober. Not to mention, provides a healthy distraction from thoughts of using.

In addition to our fitness center, iRecover Alberta is pleased to offer our participants morning spin class. Available five days a week, the 7 a.m. class offers participants a workout to burn calories, increase physical and mental energy and develop self-discipline, all the while strengthening the efforts of recovery and pedaling to some killer music.

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