Healing the Body After Addiction

Feb 4 2019


By: Janelle Huber

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a long journey and getting clean is a huge accomplishment. The impact of drugs on the brain are well documented, but years of drug and alcohol abuse can also take a heavy toll on the body. To properly heal your body during recovery, it is important to take gradual steps to help restore your physical health. Recovering addicts should focus on replenishing vitamins and minerals, which are often severely reduced during active addiction. This can be done with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Protein should come from lean sources like fish, chicken, turkey, eggs and low-fat dairy products. Protein is crucial, because the amino acids in it help replenish serotonin (nicknamed the “happy brain chemical”) levels which get depleted from excess substance and alcohol abuse. Exercise is also vital when it comes to reviving serotonin-depleted bodies. Taking these steps can bring even the most battered alcoholic and addict back from the brink.

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