Fun in Recovery!

Dec 3 2018

By: Jenna Pattison

The decision to get treatment for alcohol or substance is abuse is a difficult one. There can be many barriers to entering treatment, and a common misconception is that once recovery begins, the fun ends. This just simply isn’t true. Treatment focuses on learning, self-discovery and skill-building. However, an important aspect of treatment is incorporating newfound ways to find enjoyment in life, without alcohol or drugs. Pursuing activities that are fun and fulling while in recovery will help one achieve this, and develop the skills necessary to enjoy life fully while maintaining sobriety.

Treatment focuses on personal development and rediscovering the meaning and value of one’s life. Recovery often calls for a complete redesign of one’s lifestyle, which can be extremely stressful. The healing that occurs in treatment also demands a large amount of emotional energy, so lighthearted activities can help to relieve some of the stress associated with this process. And, making memories in the process is an added bonus.

At iRecover, we aim to provide a positive experience in and outside of the classroom.  Each center features a weekly outing, such as bowling, a movie and an outdoor activity. Outdoor activities, such as hiking Gros Morne National Park, kayaking Bonne Bay or zip lining at Marble Mountain in Newfoundland, offer a natural, sober thrill and sense of excitement which serve as an excellent substitute for the high achieved by using alcohol or drugs. Fun activities offer many benefits to participants and ultimately encourage them to enjoy the recovery process. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and recovery is absolutely more fun than active addiction.

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